Your Guide To E-Liquids For E-Cigs

The quality of ecig liquid is what makes your vaping experience enjoyable. E-liquids for e-cigs are available in a variety of flavors. Some specific ingredients are used to make these liquids. Each ingredient is used to create a special vaping experience. You can choose right ecig liquid if you know how these liquids are made and all the options available to you. You already know that these liquids do not contain actual tobacco or any other harmful ingredient. It means there are no risks of smoking carcinogenic substances with e-cig liquids. Because of these benefits, vaping e-liquids is safer compared to smoking regular cigarettes.


The main ingredients of e-cig liquids include:

Base Liquid
Most part of the e-cig liquid is made up of this carrier or base liquid. It provides the base for nicotine and flavoring. Two types of base substances are used for this purpose. The first is Propylene Glycol (PG) which is a type of food additive used widely in the food industry. It is commonly found in processed foods that are consumed widely. It is also used as an additive in some types of medicines. Another substance used as a carrier or base in e-cig liquids is Vegetables Glycerin (VG). It is made from plant based substances. It is also a widely used food additive substance.

A wide range of food grade flavors are used in the liquids of e-cigarettes. It helps create different types of flavors. You can easily find popular as well as exotic flavor e-cig liquids.

It is mixed in the e-cig liquid to give the user same feel as a regular cigarette. The only difference is that in the case of e-cigs, you can choose liquids with your preferred level of nicotine. Manufacturers make the liquids that can have nicotine level ranging from 0-25 mg. This gives you complete flexibility in choosing e-liquid with your preferred level of nicotine.

A small amount of water is also added as an ingredient in the ecig liquids. It helps create a vaping experience that is similar to a regular cigarette smoking.

In recent years, some e-liquid manufacturers have started offering organic products. These liquids are made with certified organic ingredients. There is no use of artificial flavors. Only organic flavors and substances are used to make organic e-liquids. There is no use of Propylene Glycol base. In place of it, Vegetable Glycerin is used.

There are advantages and shortcomings of both carrier substances. The Propylene Glycol is used more because it is an odorless and flavorless substance. It does not affect the taste of e-liquid. The liquid using this base substance provides strong throat hit which is similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. It produces thin vapor clouds. Some users experience allergic reaction like throat tingling. It can cause dryness in throat and mouth due to its stronger effect. If these issues bother you, switch to Vegetable Glycerin based e-liquids.

VG based e-liquid produces thicker vapor cloud. You will feel a smooth throat hit which does not irritate your throat. Users report fewer allergic reactions with an e-liquid that uses VG as a base. The drawback of this base liquid is that its slightly sweet taste affects the taste of real e-liquid flavor. Some users experience a buildup of phlegm in the throat due to its thicker consistency.

Some manufacturers now use a mixture of both Propylene Glycol and Vegetables Glycerin. It helps remove various shortcomings of both substances. At the end of it, you have to experiment a little bit before you find the brand, flavor, and level of ingredients that are perfect for your taste and preferences. It all depends on your specific requirements and preferences. Do you want a strong or smooth throat hit? Are you looking for similar effects as a real cigarette? What type of vapor looks good to you? Initially, try a few e-liquids with different flavors. It will help you find the one that works best for you. Read e-cig liquid user reviews to see what users are saying about particular brands of e-liquids.

You have to be careful when vaping nicotine containing e-liquids. It is an addictive substance. If you are switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, you should start with a higher level of nicotine e-liquid. However, it is advisable to gradually reduce the nicotine level in your e-liquid. This is a big advantage with e-cig vaping. It helps you reduce your nicotine intake without feeling severe withdrawal symptoms. There is no such option with traditional tobacco cigarettes. Now order a few e-cig liquids with different flavors. Vape those liquids to determine the flavors you like most. Choose the nicotine level that gives you right vaping feel.